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PhoneSourcerYou — Established in 1996
One year after the Internet frontier was transformed for commercial use, the initial wave of internet startups began operations: Amazon, eBay, and the predecessor to Craigslist, techtrak.com.

Techtrak was originally formed as a phone sourcing supplier to all these Accidental Empires that were springing up in Silicon Valley.

It all seems like such a long time ago. It was!

Today, thousands of jobs later, and after zillions of words written on the subject, techtrak.com, phonesourcer.com, and founder Maureen Sharib continue to lead the industry in canary-in-the-mine forecasting on the subject of phone sourcing.

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Directory Builders
Are you the kind of person that is patient and wants to work from home checking information with tools like a landline phone and computer? If so, we need your attention to detail to help us succeed.

Phone Sourcers
Do you know what you’re doing on the subject? Do you know how to call into a company and examine someone on the other end of the telephone in such a way that they don’t know they’re being examined? Can you extract information from a Gatekeeper without uttering many more words beyond your name, hers, and a few simple straight-forward sentences? If so, give Maureen a call. Let’s see if we can start working together on a few small projects to see how you perform.