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What Is Phone Sourcing?​

Let’s start with what it’s not.
Phone sourcing is not finding names online and calling those names to see if they’re still there or even if they still have the same title. It’s not pulling a list off LinkedIn, InMailing or emailing the contacts, and then waiting on results only to have very few responses.

Phone sourcing is calling on the telephone to get current, competitive real-time information. This information might include organizational charting, information such as the size of a diabetic drug’s marketing unit, the details of who reports to who, how many people someone has reporting to them, what size a department is in an organization, and what a person’s mobile number and email is.

It’s very exciting and sometimes intoxicating. In some ways, it’s spy-like work. It may seem all very mysterious, but much of it is just very common sense; rigorous processes and practiced routines that we have spent years perfecting.

There’s nothing unprincipled in what we do. We work within very strict questioning guidelines. Laws aren’t bent or broken and institutions aren’t put at risk.

Phone sourcing is teaching (and learning) soft skills. It takes practice over time. We’ve found our embedded phone sourcer model works well for both organizations and individuals.

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